Thursday, October 04, 2012

Creating serious wealth

Earlier this year became involved with some HYIP investments as a test to see if they worked. I had never really trusted them as they where attached to payments systems which I did not trust. However I found a couple that were supported by Payza, so I used that as a marker because I have used Payza and it predecessor for a number of years. All was going well until Payza without warning down supporting Hyip systems, with the result I could not withdraw my money.

I lodged a dispute with Payza requesting them to recover the money I had in the investment, not expecting to hear anything, then yesterday I had a pleasant surprise when I was informed that the had recovered 20% which actually matched by start up investment so it was a good deal. perhaps I was lucky, but I no longer would recommend anyone to invest in HYIP systems unless it is with money they can afford to lose.

My Pre-launch Forex business continues to gain with a further trade in the last week breaking through the $1,000 level, not bad for a free account with a credit of $100. the account is being managed at the moment so it is an easy way to start building up some capital for when the company launches, there is of course no risk because there was no start up cost.

I am now focussing all my efforts on ED Mercer's 100 millionaire's challenge project, the program has to be seen to be believed, There are not many people who have access to someone of Ed stature, who can provide advice on how to grow your wealth. Is is a serious business far removed from anything you have seen or heard about before. Ed Mercer has achieved virtually everything he has set out to do, so there is no reason to believe he will not succeed with his latest challenge.

David Ogden

Ed Mercer- 100 millionaires
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