Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Life in the Philippines

Bureaucracy in the Philippines

I have never known a nation like the Philippines for bureaucracy and I am sure most of it is to make money for the government and their cronies, Unfortunately at the moment I have a number of tasks to undertake before I leave the country which require dealing with government department.

Yesterday I need to get a simple police clearance, so I downloaded the form from the the National Bureau of Investigation and headed to the local office in Dipolog city, only to be told that as I am an Alien, I need to go to Manila some 1,000 Kilometres away. In a similar way there is no longer an immigration presence in Dipolog city so when my visa expires next week I need to travel some six hours to Cagayan Del Oro to renew it. Trying to get information and answers by email is virtually impossible.

I Compare this with getting information from Cyprus where I am planning to move to, with emails sent requesting information on Visa and residency questions being answered within hour of been sent and not requiring any travel. You may be thinking I am crazy to swop living in the Philippines where you can live like a prince on a few thousand dollars, compared to Cyprus where costs and taxes are higher, but there are a number of reasons no least being being able to qualify for a European passport for my Son to be wife and child. I do not wish to return to the UK as the weather is too cold, but can survive in Cyprus with hot summers and relatively warm winters.

The main reason however relates to lifestyle, it is a safer place to live as a millionaire and has good communications which is essential for me as I am working with billionaire mentor Ed Mercer and rely on the Internet to build serious wealth for myself and my family. Many people have dreams to be wealthy, but few really commit to the idea, I have discovered that many self made millionaires share Ed's experience starting life with little or no money and building a strategy to succeed.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
'Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

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