Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to Get Money

Return on Investment

How do people create wealth, well it does not matter who you are or what you do , you could be a billionaire like Ed Mercer or an ordinary individual working a nine to five job, but you need to find a vehicle which you can use to increase your wealth. Now at one time one of these vehicles was your home, however this was ruined by lenders lending more money than borrowers could reasonably repay, with the results that their loans exceeded the future value of houses and this caused the worldwide financial crisis which we are struggling to get out. There are however a number of other ways to get a good return on investment.

I do not recommend High Yield Investment schemes unless you are prepared to lose your investment, but they can work for some people but are very risky for the unwary. One business which I am involved with is a pre-launch Forex company and in fact you do not even have to risk $1, they give you $100 in seed money to advertise their new Forex trading system and until the company formally launches you benefit from any gains or loses the system makes, the latest trade last week added another 9% to my account which is now approaching $1,200. Yes it is an advertising ploy to attract people but if they join when the company launch there are monthly commissions available which could prove regular income of one or two thousand dollars all from zero investment. Even if the business never launches you have lost nothing but perhaps when it does it will have created some money to start you on the journey to greater wealth.

People look to the Internet to earn money and it is difficult to discern which are good and which are bad for a long time Zeek rewards was flavour of the month but the business was not sustainable and many lost money they could not afford to lose.

The secret to securing a good return on your investment is to follow someone who is trustworthy and has a track record of success and one such person is Ed Mercer who has taken up a challenge with Guinness world records to create 100 new millionaires in this time of recession. If you want to share with his success you should join him on his challenge and reap the rewards of his research. A word of warning however, you will need to be prepared to commit time, money and effort to build your serious wealth, it not a program for dreamers it is for those people who are prepared to do what ever it takes to build success.

David Ogden

Ed Mercer- 100 millionaires
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