Friday, October 26, 2012

Life in the Philippines

Waiting on Bureaucracy

Having made our decision to leave the Philippines we are now in the hand of bureaucrats with regards to getting our paperwork in order and unfortunately here everything takes time which is very frustrating and is not making life any easier.

I am the kind of person who likes to get things moving and we have a tight deadline. The School year in the Philippines ends in March, so this is the earliest time we can move to Cyprus and will provide time for Jay to settle in prior to resuming his education in September which is the start of the School year. We have to register him in May so that is the latest departure date, to ensure he has a school placement.

The main problem is we need to formally adopt Jay, even though he has been living with us for two years and the authorities need time to consider this, in the best interests of the child. We know it is in Jay's best interests because a European education is far superior to what is available in the Philippines and most Filipinos leave the country anyway as the wages here are too low and they are better odd working abroad.

So for the next few months it seems I am going to have to bite my tongue and subject myself to what I see as unreasonable demands. Part of the problem is the Philippines is where we live, yes I have a UK passport but I have not lived there for 12 years so it seems crazy to ask questions in UK about about my recent past of which they have no knowledge. But here in the Philippines I am regarded as a foreigner and they expect that I have a home in another country, If I did I would not be living here now.

Another tropical storm has been working its way across the country this week, causing the using flooding and power outages which the locals just accept as a normal way of life.

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